Braun Strowman To Make WWE Return For Bray Wyatt

Braun Strowman & Bray Wyatt

Braun Strowman is determined to honour the legacy of Bray Wyatt when he returns to WWE.

Former Universal Champion Braun Strowman hasn’t wrestled since teaming with Ricochet on the May 1st episode of Monday Night Raw. On the show, the pair defeated Chad Gable and Otis, after being drafted to the red brand.

Following the match, Strowman disappeared from television and later underwent neck surgery.

Speaking on News18, Strowman gave an update on his condition and confirmed he’s been cleared to make the next step in his recovery.

“So I just recently had my five-month check-up, with Dr. Cordoba, at the world-famous Andrews Medical Centre, where WWE graced me to have my surgery with the number one surgeon in the world. So I did my five-month check-up and got medically cleared to start lifting weights.

So the bones are fusing nicely in my neck. So I had a cervical fusion on my C4 and C5. So they put a metal plate and four screws in my neck. I had four screws and a metal plate put it in my neck.”

Braun Strowman Pays Tribute To Bray Wyatt

Strowman added that while he’d love to return at the Royal Rumble, he doesn’t know when he’ll be back in the ring.

Continuing on, Strowman discussed his friendship with the late, great Bray Wyatt. The Monster Among Men made his main roster debut in 2015 as a member of the Wyatt Family and clashed with Wyatt over the Universal Title in 2020.

Outside of the ring, the pair were great friends and Strowman is godfather to Wyatt’s son.

The former World Champion said that not only is he determined to return to the ring for himself, but he’ll be coming back for Wyatt.

Oh, I wouldn’t be where I am in my career or life without that man. He did so much for me as far as in the business of teaching me to navigate my way through this crazy industry. He taught me how to be a better performer in the ring. But the most that I take away from my time with Bray Wyatt and the eight years that I got to spend with him was to be a better person. He’s one of the greatest human beings that has ever stepped foot on this earth.

Now, I’m a godfather to this son, so I know that I have this big responsibility and things like that that I never dreamed that I pray that I never would have to step into. But I’m honoured at the fact that I was chosen by him to lead if something were to happen to him. So it’s a truly humbling honour knowing that I have that weight put on my back and I carry it proudly. So especially with my return to WWE, like I have, I’m not only coming back for me, I’m coming back for him.

WWE recently revealed the Bray Wyatt Legacy Collection as the company continues to pay tribute to the former World Champion. The line features a new range of t-shirts, signed photos, and other collectibles, the full collection is available at