Braun Strowman Performs On Stage With Country Star Zach Bryan (VIDEO)

braun strowman wwe bass

Braun Strowman was showing off his singing skills during a recent concert appearance.

During his WWE career that has lasted for nearly a decade (minus a year when he was released by the company), Braun Strowman has been known as the “Monster Among Men” and the “Monster of All Monsters.” That’s because he’s a 6’8″ and 350-pound giant that’s known for beating people up in a WWE ring.

What WWE fans have also learned about Strowman over the years is that he has his moments where he can be a funny guy and even bust out a tune once in a while.

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In early June, Braun Strowman posted on Instagram about how he had a level one fusion on his c4/c5 vertebrae meaning it was a major operation on his neck. That kind of neck surgery normally can put somebody out of action from wrestling for about one year. Whether it’s more than that or less than that is something that can be determined during the recovery process.

The powerful Strowman noted on June 23rd that he was cleared to lift some light weights, so at least he’s able to get some workout going.

When he’s away from the ring, Strowman often keeps fans updated on what he’s doing in his life on Instagram.

On Friday night, while WWE was in Madison Square Garden for Smackdown, Strowman was at a Zach Bryan concert as part of Summerfest in Milwaukee. Not only that, but Strowman went onto the stage with Bryan and sang some lyrics for the song “Revival.” Check out the clip below.