Braun Strowman Dealing With Injury

braun strowman smile wwe

Don’t expect to see Braun Strowman anytime soon given that he has suffered an injury recently.

According to a report from PWInsider Elite, Strowman was pulled from several WWE live events this past weekend because he suffered a concussion.

As a result of this injury, Strowman’s tag team matches alongside Ricochet against The Viking Raiders were changed.

The last time Braun Strowman wrestled was on the April 21st edition of Friday Night SmackDown. Given that he has not wrestled since then, it is being presumed that he suffered his concussion in that match.

WWE has taken a very strong stance in dealing with concussions, especially in the wake of the Chris Benoit double murder/suicide. The damage to Benoit’s brain from prolonged and regular head trauma is widely believed to have played a catalyst in the deterioration of his mental health to the point that he committed those actions.

In the years that followed, WWE has adopted a ‘better safe than sorry’ philosophy when it comes to concussions, no matter how big or small.

This more conservative approach to dealing concussions appears to have expanded to other companies as well. AEW took a similar, lengthy approach to dealing with concussions with Adam Cole, who spent months recovering from a serious concussion suffered at Forbidden Door 2022.

Regarding Braun Strowman, there hasn’t been any report on how serious his injury was or for how long he will be sidelined.

On Twitter, Strowman thanked fans for their support.