Brandi Rhodes “Feels Very Good” About Walking Away From Wrestling

Brandi Rhodes

Don’t expect to see Brandi Rhodes in or near a wrestling ring anytime soon.

With so much hype over Cody Rhodes’ big return and subsequent victory in the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble match, some have wondered if Cody will bring his wife Brandi along with him. At this time, that prospect seems unlikely.

Despite appearing in a hype video on January 10th discussing Cody’s injury, recovery, and impending turn, Brandi herself has stayed clear of WWE and all of pro-wrestling since her departure last February.

And going forward, it seems like Cody will be the only one of the two of them involved in pro-wrestling.

In an interview with BARE Magazine, Brandi Rhodes explained that she stepped away from the industry so that she can look back on her contributions and see them in a positive light.

“It has been about a year. I feel very good about the decision. There was a lot about my position in the industry that took a lot of the joy out of it for me.

Life is too short to be fighting so hard and still left feeling unfulfilled. Especially with everything that I have to offer still mentally and physically. I’d like to experience joy in my contributions at this point.”

While Brandi Rhodes has shifted her focus to some other projects away from the wrestling industry, she is still excited about her husband Cody’s return and the direction his career appears to be going in.