Booker T Reacts To WWE Star Wanting To Use Signature Move

booker t rock summerslam

There are some wrestlers from the past that don’t like when current stars use their moves, but Booker T supports it in this case.

As a two-time WWE Hall of Famer that was a six-time World Champion and a man that won over 30 titles in his career, Booker T saw it all and did it all in his career.

What really made Booker T stand out in his era of pro wrestling was his ability in the ring. Booker T was able to do a lot of incredible moves like the Book End (or Rock Bottom), the Harlem Hangover leg drop off the top and of course, the Axe Kick or Scissors Kick as it was sometimes called. Those were moves that he used as finishers while he also did basic holds very well.

Recently, WWE superstar Ricochet said he wanted to start doing Booker T’s Axe Kick.

“You know what I want to start doing? Booker T Axe Kick,” he revealed. “I like just a nice kick to the back of the shoulders and neck, oh man I’m gonna start doing that because also, I am just a big fan of Booker T.”

On the latest episode of Booker’s “Hall Of Fame” radio show, this was brought up to Booker T, who supported Ricochet doing the move.

“Take it and run with it. Run with it and make it your own, put your own flavor on it.”

As he continued, Booker spoke about how he loved doing the Axe Kick because it was a move he could do to anybody in the ring.

“I could do it with anybody, I didn’t have to think about it, I couldn’t mess it up. Even if I was tired and couldn’t stand straight up like I normally would do. Sometimes I would do it and hit it and stand straight up, sometimes when I was tired I would hit it, spin-off, and then go to the mat, but it still looked just as good, just as effective.”

Booker T Praises Ricochet

While speaking about Ricochet’s career in WWE, Booker T expressed optimism about the high-flier’s future.

“I always talk about guys like Ricochet who can do everything in the squared circle, but they may not be the guys working at the top of the card. I want to see Ricochet working at the top of the card and to be able to do that you’ve got to do certain things, and I see Ricochet picking up on those things, perfectly.”

H/T WrestlingInc