Booker T “Wishes We Had More Guys Like MJF”

MJF screaming

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has had plenty of good things to say about AEW star MJF and says that the controversial star really is one of a kind.

MJF has been the talk of wrestling ever since he began running his mouth on a regular basis on AEW television. Feuds with Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, and CM Punk have catapulted the three-time Dynamite Diamond ring winner to the upper echelons of AEW and the star is the current heir apparent to the AEW World Championship.

Speaking on his Reality of Wrestling podcast, Booker T gave his take on MJF and says that the star is different from anything else out there today:

“The kid is different. I like what MJF brings to the table. He’s all entertainment, man, and that’s what wrestling is. I wish we had more guys like MJF out there really understanding how they can really use the stuff that’s going on around them to really benefit the game and make the game stronger.”

“That’s one of those things to sustainability in this game. I’m looking at how well MJF is taking off and he’s doing great things, man. He’s one of a kind; he’s different than any wrestler we’ve seen come along in quite some time. And I always thought about finishing. I wanted to make sure I finished strong. You know, I wanted to get through this game: There’s a lot of landmines, a lot of pitfalls along the way.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.