Booker T Threatens Ex-WWE Star With Lawsuit

Booker T

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has not held back when discussing a former rival and ex-Intercontinental Champion, threatening a possible lawsuit.

Former WWE star Ahmed Johnson recently had less than pleasant remarks to make about Booker T in an interview with Cheap Heat. The two stars had a feud over the letter ‘T’ while both in WCW and it seems there is no love lost with Johnson alluding to Booker’s time in prison as a young man:

Brother, I got a dojo for us. If you wanna get to the streets with this, let’s do it. Because I didn’t appreciate what he said. And before you call somebody a scum, look at your past, and then really know who the scum is.

Booker T Responds To Ahmed Johnson’s Derogatory Remarks

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T had a response for Ahmed Johnson and says he thinks he’s made up for the mistakes he made in his past:

I actually heard the interview…he said what a low life I was, going to prison for robbing people. And I must say, I did go to prison for robbing people…I was a kid, and I think I’ve atoned for every piece of dirt I put down back in the day. I was a kid that made a mistake.

He talks about being in a gang as a youth himself. What do gangs do? What do they normally do? They’re normally not the pillars of society, I’m just saying.

The former World Heavyweight Champion also issued a stern warning to Johnson if he says anything untrue about him as he’s not scared to go down the legal route:

I hope he tells that story, I really do. He’ll see a different side of me if he does tell a false story that’s totally not true. Because I’ve got facts, I’ve got receipts as far as everything I’m saying. If he tells a lie about me, he’s probably going to end up in court, and he’s probably going to end up getting sued for defaming me.

Booker T slammed “hypocritical” Vince Russo recently as he took another one of his former WCW colleagues to task for their actions in the defunct company.

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