Booker T “Perplexed” By Recent WWE Commentary Changes

Booker T

Booker T wants to see Vic Joesph get his WWE main roster call-up.

The Hall of Famer and Joesph have been providing announcing duties on Tuesday nights since October 2022 following the previous shake-up in commentary teams that affected all 3 WWE brands.

The latest change in announcers sees Michael Cole pulling double duty, appearing on Raw and SmackDown for the foreseeable future. Cole will be joined by Wade Barrett on Mondays and will see Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick provide additional announcing on Friday Nights.

Speaking on the Hall of Fame Podcast, Booker T appreciates the work that Cole has put in over the years but wants to see his commentary partner get another shot on the main roster:

“[Michael] Cole ain’t never gonna be able to retire [laughs], he can forget about it. It’s hard finding the next Michael Cole, too. But I’m glad in a lot of ways, but I’m perplexed in certain ways, just because I’m waiting on Vic to get a shot. I’m waiting on Vic Joseph to get a piece of the action, champagne wishes, caviar dreams and all that. But I do understand the wanting to have Michael Cole as a part of both brands. I do see that.

I do know Michael Cole wants to wind down a little bit as well. So I don’t know how long this thing is gonna last or anything like that, but one thing I do know about Michael Cole, he’s a player, he’s a team player, he’s a soldier. Wherever he’s needed, he’s gonna step up to the plate and take care of that job. Everything’s good. So yeah, I’m glad, like I said.

The 6 time World Champion concluded by stating that the NXT commentary team is currently unaffected, admitting he would find it difficult broadcasting alongside someone else if Joseph were to depart.

As well as the NXT commentary team, Vic and I, we still together. I like that, but like I said, I’m waiting on Vic to get his come-up. But I’m wondering if Vic moves up, who’s gonna move into that spot as well? Because I just can’t work with anybody,”

The NXT commentator also recently revealed how he can be himself more on the developmental brand as opposed to main roster announcing duties.

When Did Booker T Last Wrestle In WWE?

The former King of the Ring made his final appearance at the 2023 Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant in his hometown of Texas. The cameo entry was a short one, as Booker T would last for less than a minute before being eliminated by Gunther.

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