Booker T Says John Cena Was The “Blackest Dude In The Room” During Freestyle Rap

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Booker T had an interesting way of praising John Cena’s mic skills when he was doing his rap gimmick.

Prior to becoming a pro-military patriot and then a superhero to children everywhere, John Cena donned a rapper gimmick that saw him freestyle his way down to the ring.

This gimmick wasn’t intentional; it came about by chance when Stephanie McMahon heard him freestyle on a bus and thought it was a great gimmick for him.

Cena was so good at freestyling live that he took the gimmick to the next step and recorded a rap album. That album, You Can’t See Me, sold 143,000 copies in its first week and 385,000 as of October 2014.

Given this success, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Booker T has deep respect for his former opponent’s skills, both in the ring and on the microphone.

Booker T praised John Cena’s rap skills as being on the same level as professional lyricists

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T noted that he was blown away by Cena’s freestyle rap on The Rock and one he did at on a BET show.

“Cena roasted The Rock when it came, you know, to the battle. Cena was just that good. He didn’t have to write it. He was a lyricist, he was unbelievable, seriously.”

I saw him on BET, I was on BET with him. And this son of a gun did a freestyle. Literally, in front of everybody. And I was like…he was the blackest dude in the room. I’m serious. By the end of the day, I was like, ‘Wow.’ So impressive.”

John Cena’s last match was in the opener of Night One of WrestleMania 39 in which he failed to capture the United States Championship from Austin Theory.

h/t WrestlingInc