“I Like Everything About MJF” – Booker T


Add Booker T to the list of people that are praising the new AEW World Champion, MJF.

Ever since Maxwell Jacob Friedman returned to AEW television at All Out in September, the confident 26-year-old has talked about being a “generational talent.” It is Maxwell’s way of saying that he believes he is already one of the best wrestlers of his generation and will be for many more years ahead.

At Full Gear on November 19th, MJF made it to the top of AEW as the new World Champion after William Regal slid Friedman brass knuckles to use on Regal’s former ally Jon Moxley. That led to the challenger punching the former champion Moxley in the head and MJF covered for the tainted victory.

One wrestling legend who has noticed MJF’s talent from afar is WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, who said he liked the new AEW World Champion and believes he’s a student of the game of pro wrestling.

“I like everything about MJF. I watch him work in the ring, as well as outside of the ring, and it seems like he’s a student of the game still.”

Booker also talked about what MJF said at the post-Full Gear press conference with Booker talking about why AEW needs a guy like MJF as their World Champion.

“I heard a little bit of the press conference he did after…and he said the ship has been righted. I think that’s what that company needs more than anything. I think they need to get on a track to where people will focus on the show as opposed to the drama that’s going on or the individuals. I think when you got a show, it’s gotta be focused on everything that’s going on and everybody on that show in order to make it successful.”

H/T WrestlingInc