Booker T Praises Hayes-Waller NXT Title Match At Spring Breakin’

nxt title carmelo hayes grayson waller

Booker T had a lot of things to say about the Carmelo Hayes-Grayson Waller match for the NXT Title that took place at Spring Breakin’ on Tuesday.

The NXT Championship was on the line at Spring Breakin’ on April 25th with Carmelo Hayes defending the gold against Grayson Waller. It was Melo’s first time defending the title since winning it from Bron Breakker at Stand & Deliver during WrestleMania weekend.

In the Hayes-Waller match, it was very competitive as you would expect from two of NXT’s best. There was even a spot in the match where Waller put Hayes on the commentary table and jumped off the top rope with an elbow draft to drive Hayes through the commentary table.

Toward the end of the match, Waller went for a leap into the ring looking for a Stunner, but he hurt his right leg and collapsed. It may have been a legit injury, so Hayes superkicked him. Hayes then went up top and hit Nothing But Net leg drop to the back of Waller for the pinfall win.

Booker T, who is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, is an NXT announcer that saw the Hayes-Waller match up close and provided this praise for their performance on his Hall of Fame podcast.

“I definitely give it an eight on the Richter scale, 8 to 10. Grayson Waller, he’s a guy that’s gonna go out and perform, win or lose. That’s what I really like about Grayson Waller. He’s taken a lot of losses as of late and it’s not deterring him from the mission, and that is still to go out and make the crowd feel something. When that dude walks out the curtain, he looks the part. He feels the part. Then he goes out in the ring and he works the part as well.”

“I told Carmelo, I said, ‘Man, you couldn’t have done that good of a job without a hell of a dance partner’, and Grayson Waller was a hell of a dance partner at Spring Breakin’ for Carmelo Hayes.”

“Those guys went out there and made each other look next level. The finish may have gotten rushed because it seemed like it just happened out of nowhere, but other than that, throughout that match, those guys went out there and rocked it. They brought it and big props to both of them.”

After Hayes won the match, he was attacked by Bron Breakker, who also beat up Trick Williams. Bron destroyed Hayes with a devastating Spear through part of the set in the NXT Arena. That should lead to a Hayes-Breakker match at NXT Battleground next month.

H/T WrestlingNewsco