Booker T Is Glad William Regal Can Go Back To WWE

William Regal

Booker T feels that AEW was too different stylistically for Regal to really fit in and succeed.

There has been much talk lately over William Regal’s rumored departure from AEW and his equally-rumored return to WWE. Regal hasn’t been seen on RAW since the November 30th episode of Dynamite.

Many have speculated that he’s returning to the company since he was close with Triple H, who now runs all of WWE’s creative directions and not just WWE’s.

Should he return to WWE, he will flourish there, so said Booker T on a recent edition of his Hall of Fame Podcast:

“I thought William Regal was perfect as General Manager in NXT. He was a guy that was able to really control that thing and he had that authority figure feel that you go, ‘I can listen to this guy. I can look at this guy as being the general, the president, or whatnot.’ I’m just glad he’s gonna get a chance to go back and finish his work.”

Booker T also theorized that Regal’s decision to leave so soon into his AEW tenure may have stemmed from just how markedly different AEW is, both in terms of in-ring (and out of the ring) style and in terms of how the AEW talent behaves online:

“I understand exactly what William Regal perhaps may have felt, maybe, and I say that because a lot of people talk about AEW and people talk about the style AEW, people talking about the wrestling style, the in-ring, the out of ring antics, you know, the social media world that they live in, as well over there.

William Regal aint’ none of that. William Regal has never done one dive. William Regal has never done one thing where he had to throw caution to the wind. Not once.

So William Regal, being in AEW watching that, I’m sure he’s wondering what the hell is going on and what has happened to the business that he grew up watching as well as being a part of.

Now I can be wrong. I can be 100% wrong, but he had to feel like he was on another damn planet being in that wrestling company.”

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