Booker T Says “Generational” NXT Talent Isn’t Ready For Main Roster

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Booker T is predicting big things for NXT’s “diamond in the rough.”

With the WWE Draft just around the corner, speculation is running wild about who will land on which brand, and which NXT stars will make the jump to the main roster.

It’s already been reported that Ilja Dragunov and Carmelo Hayes are heading to Raw or SmackDown, and many fans want to see Trick Williams join them. Williams’ career has taken off in recent months in large part due to his feud with Hayes.

Speaking to Graham GSM Matthews of Wrestle Rant, NXT announcer Booker T discussed the star’s future and rise to the top of WWE’s developmental brand. Booker made it clear he’s a huge fan of Williams but feels it’s too soon for him to move to the main roster as he’s still learning his craft.

“Wrestling is subjective to the person watching. I never really look at that side of it because I wasn’t that great of a wrestler myself [laughs], I just act like I was a good wrestler. Trick Williams has done something so captivating and that’s being able to connect with the crowd. The crowd wants to see Trick Williams and him come up just because of the charisma he displays on a weekly basis. He’s a good dude as well.

The wrestling, that’s going to come. I talk to Trick Williams all the time myself about that aspect of his game. It’s not something that happens overnight. Trick Williams has had, you can count on both hands about how many matches Trick has had on television. For me, Trick is a diamond in the rough, but trust me, once we polish him up, he’s going to shine and shine like new money.

Right now, he’s doing a hell of a job as far as creating his aura in NXT. Is Trick Williams ready for the main roster right now? Personally, I don’t think so, but that’s what NXT is for, to keep these young guys ready for that next level, just like Carmelo Hayes. He’s been grinding in NXT for two years. He’s been grinding.

Give Trick Williams that same amount of time and see how he develops. He is truly going to be a generational talent in this business that hasn’t come along in a long time,”

Booker T Plotting In-Ring Comeback

During a recent episode of his long-running podcast, Booker T revealed he’s planning to get back in the ring.

The WWE Hall of Famer hasn’t stepped in the ring since competing in the men’s 2023 Royal Rumble match. After that, Booker T even suggested he now considered himself retired, although those comments did come with an important caveat.

Booker repeatedly said he was done competing at “that level,” seemingly making sure to leave the door open to make appearances with his own Reality of Wrestling promotion.

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