Booker T Recalls Backstage Fight With Dave Bautista

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Booker T has shed some light on what happened when he got into a fight with former WWE World Champion, Dave Bautista.

On the Smackdown brand in 2006, Booker T was having the best run of his WWE career as a heel character named King Booker while Dave Bautista (aka Batista in WWE) was in his second year on Smackdown as one of the biggest babyfaces there was.

There was a very well-known incident that took place between Booker and Batista that led to them getting into a fight in 2006. There are different stories about who won the fight and Batista had a bit of a black eye after it as well, but after it happened, they moved on from it.

The main event of Survivor Series 2006 saw Booker T (as King Booker) drop the World Heavyweight Title to Batista, who ended Booker’s four month-reign as the champion. They worked together a lot after the fight, both on television and at live events, so they were clearly able to move on from the fight they had.

In the past, Booker had claimed that part of the reason he got into a fight with Batista was due to a lack of respect, but after their fight, things got better between them.

Time heals all wounds as the saying goes and Booker T recently spoke about his past issues with Batista on his Hall of Fame podcast. Booker said he’d give him a hug today.

“If I saw Bautista today, I would give him a hug and tell him how great he’s doing in Hollywood. He’s knocking it out. He’s freakin’ killing it.”

As he continued, Booker spoke about how sometimes you get in a fight with somebody, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you hate them.

“It was an incident that happened between two men, and if you’re a man, you know something about that. If you’re a man who’s got testosterone running through your body and you’re in a testosterone-driven business, you might get in a fight with somebody. That doesn’t mean you hate them. Don’t mean you don’t like them. It was an incident that happened.”

Booker T may get a chance to give Dave Bautista that hug soon since “The Animal” has talked about wanting his WWE Hall of Fame induction to take place this year. Booker T is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer that is an NXT announcer as well as somebody that’s on the WWE Premium Live Event kickoff shows, so they may see eachother soon.