Booker T On AEW Comparisons To Last Days Of WCW

Booker T cuts a promo

Booker T has commented on if he sees any similarities in the current state of AEW and the dying days of the company where he made his name, WCW.

In the nineties, Booker T built a name for himself in WCW, first as half of the Harlem Heat tag team where he and his brother Stevie Ray captured the WCW Tag Team Championship on ten separate occasions. During his time in the company, Booker T also held the WCW World Television Title and the WCW US Championship as well famously holding the WCW World Championship five times.

However, the company was on a downward spiral for the last two years of its existence as several factors came together to put the company out of business with Vince McMahon buying the remnants of his competition in the spring of 2001.

AEW is currently going through a rough patch of its own as suspensions have been handed out following a backstage fight involving the company’s Executive Vice Presidents and the AEW World Champion following the All Out pay-per-view.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc, Booker T was asked if he sees any comparisons between the current state of AEW and WCW towards the end of its existence:

“Not at all. Totally different. Our last days at WCW, you could see the writing on the wall that the plug had been pulled. We were just waiting on the doctors to come tell everybody it’s over, you know what I mean?”

“Right now, Tony Khan still got a whole lot of money. He’s invested, he’s all in, no pun intended, with this company. And I think he’s going to do everything he possibly can to make this thing work. I wouldn’t even think Tony Khan is going to even start thinking about anything other than making this thing successful. If he gets to that five-year mark and things not working out, he might start thinking then.”