Bobby Lashley Fired On WWE Raw

Bobby Lashley

The future of Bobby Lashley on Monday Night Raw looks uncertain after he was fired at the end of the 12th of December’s show.

Bobby Lashley has had a rough time of late since losing the WWE United States Championship to Seth Rollins back in October. That loss came courtesy of an attack by Brock Lesnar with Lesnar later defeating Lashley at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

Lashley was unable to reclaim that title at Survivor Series with Austin Theory coming out the victor in a Triple Threat match for the US Title that also involved Rollins.

The bad blood between Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins has continued since and that spilled over on the 5th of December edition of Raw when a brawl broke out between the two men which led to Lashley attempting to spear The Visionary but instead nailing company official Pete Williams – better known as former TNA and X-Division star Petey Williams.

Adam Pearce issued Lashley with a warning for hitting an official and warned the former WWE Champion that his hands would be tied if anything like that happened again.

This all led to Lashley taking on Rollins on the 12th of December edition of Raw in a number one contenders match for the US Title. Bobby Lashley had the match won with a spear but the referee had been taken out and couldn’t count the pinfall. Rollins ended up nailing The All Mighty star with a pedigree for the victory. In turn, an irate Bobby Lashley screamed at the referee before inadvertently striking another one.

Adam Pearce came to ringside and berated Lashley for his actions with Lashley shoving Pearce at one point. The WWE official then lost his temper and fired Lashley to end the show. While this remains to be a storyline move, it remains to be seen what it will lead to for Lashley.