Bobby Lashley Reacts Following Crown Jewel Loss To Brock Lesnar

bobby lashley brock lesnar wwe crown jewel

Bobby Lashley suffered a crushing defeat to Brock Lesnar while the former WWE Champion called it the “biggest challenge” of his career.

The opening match at Crown Jewel was one of the most anticipated matches on the show as Bobby Lashley faced off against Brock Lesnar in what was a rematch of their Royal Rumble match for the WWE Title. Lesnar lost that match because of Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman, which is why Lesnar attacked Lashley recently on Raw to set up this match. Lesnar wanted a shot to avenge that loss.

Lashley attacked Lesnar on the floor before the bell rang, which showed how much Lashley wanted to win this match. Lashley dominated most of the match, he weakened Lesnar’s left knee and came back from Lesnar’s devastating German Suplexes as well as Brock’s F5.

The conclusion of the match saw Lashley put Lesnar in the Hurt Lock submission, Lesnar looked like he was going to pass out and then Lesnar kicked off the ropes and landed with his back on top of Lashley in a pinning predicament. The referee counted to give Lesnar the win. After the match, Lashley attacked Lesnar with the Hurt Lock again to show how frustrated he was. It’s not known if this means that Lashley will be a heel again after being a babyface for most of this year.

While speaking to the WWE Digital team after the show, Lashley talked about being frustrated that he failed to beat Lesnar.

“I was ready to die out there. There’s not a tomorrow for me, there is not a day after tomorrow, there is a now. That was the biggest challenge that I had, it was beating Brock Lesnar. People have been talking about it for years and I went out there and failed… I failed, that’s what happened, I failed. So back to the drawing board, Quit? Give up? What do I do? That was a test and I was supposed to win and then now what?”

It appears as though WWE will be doing a third Lesnar-Lashley match perhaps as soon as Survivor Series on November 26th. It could also be at another major show down the road like Royal Rumble 2023 or perhaps WrestleMania 39 if WWE can wait that long to do it again.

Lashley also recently talked about how he feels like the Hurt Business group should reunite especially now as WWE keeps adding more stables on the main roster.