Bobby Fish On Tony Khan’s Reaction To CM Punk Outburst

CM Punk Tony Khan AEW All Out media scrum

Former AEW star Bobby Fish has given thought to how Vince McMahon or Triple H might have reacted to CM Punk’s media scrum outburst, saying it wouldn’t have ended well for Punk.

CM Punk caused an uproar at the post-All Out press conference when he aired his grievances with the wrestling media, Colt Cabana, MJF, Hangman Adam Page, and perhaps most notably The Young Bucks. All this occurred while sitting next to AEW President Tony Khan who appeared deeply uncomfortable at some of the comments but let Punk continue regardless.

One person who has not had many kind words to say about CM Punk since this situation exploded is former NXT Tag Team Champion and AEW star, Bobby Fish.

Fish spoke recently to Joey G of Wrestling Headlines where he suggested that Triple H or Vince McMahon might have had a very different reaction to Punk’s comments and shut him up there and then:

“To be caught in that position, he definitely should have reacted differently, Hunter [Triple H] or Vince McMahon would have potentially folded Phil like a wet nap in that moment, which is probably the right reaction.”

“In Tony’s defense, that might not be his personality. Here it is, in this moment, he’s hitched the cart of his company to the back of this guy, given him not only a lot of money, but a lot of trust, and you’re kind of sh*tting all over that right next to him. It’s a sucky position for everyone.”

h/t Fightful