Black Adam Actor Was Worried About Scratching The Rock

The Rock

Fancy a mace fight with “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson?

Well, Aldis Hodge, The Rock’s co-star on Black Adam who plays Hawkman said in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, that filming the scenes was nerve-wracking and he was afraid to hurt former WWE Superstar The Rock during the mace fighting scenes.

“My lasting memory is that I never hit him. That was all I cared about. I’m actually serious. Swinging around that mace, man … I grew up a fighter, and in terms of real fighting and stunt fighting, it’s all about understanding and knowing your distance.

With real fighting, you need to know your distance and your opponent’s distance exactly, so that you know when to lock in, clock them, and get out. With stunt fighting, you need to know your distance so that you never touch the other person, but the mace required the full extension of my arm.

So I had to deal with understanding a different length because the mace added a couple extra feet. And man, all I wanted to do was make it through the day without scratching that man’s face. Because if I scratched his face and we had to shut it down because of me? Yeah, that’s no bueno.”

H/T The Hollywood Reporter