Billy Corgan Gives His Thoughts On Nick Aldis’ Career Outside NWA

nick aldis nwa suit

Nick Aldis has been very aggressive against the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) after the recent fallout between himself, the promotion and owner Billy Corgan.

After the former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion let the company know that he was going to be leaving, NWA suspended him prior to their Hard Times 3 pay-per-view in New Orleans.

Recently on “Busted Open Radio,” Billy Corgan was speaking about the situation with Nick Aldis, and he was questioned about how Aldis would do in free agency.

“I think he’s gonna have a tough time. Not as a wrestling talent, but the way he’s dealing with this publicly, I can’t imagine any company is looking at this and saying it’s a good way to do business. He was tied to me for five years. We did business together for five years. I paid him a lot of money. Take your money, shake your hands, and go. Why the big ruckus?”

Corgan went on to say that the behavior of Aldis could be because of insecurity.

“Nick believes he’s a top guy. Okay. Now we’re gonna see. I wish him well. I invested in him because I believed he’s a top guy. I was warned about this before I signed him. As long as I gave Nick Aldis what he wanted? Nick Aldis was cheesecake and flowers. Now I’m meeting the Nick Aldis I was warned about.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.