Billy Corgan Believes NWA Is In ECW Mid-90s Position

billy corgan nwa matt cardona

The NWA is the third-biggest wrestling company in the US, if its owner Billy Corgan is to be believed.

Corgan bought the NWA in 2017 and has managed it ever since. Under his leadership, he has launched a new regular show called Powerrr and features semi-regular PPV events as well.

Though it doesn’t have any weekly primetime television slots and lacks the major resources of both WWE and AEW, Corgan thinks that his promotion is thriving to the point that it can be considered this decade’s version of 1990’s ECW, per an interview with Steve Fall of Ten Count:

“I feel like we’re in that ECW mid-90s position where we’re actually building something that has a lot of momentum, but the general business doesn’t understand that something is happening on the ground because they’re focused on what’s happening elsewhere.

That’s what I keep telling people, don’t sleep on us. They’re going to wake up one day and be very surprised that we’re very competitive. Everything I’m doing is to rebuild the culture of the NWA from the ground up.

It’s not always as flashy as I would like it to be or splashy, but once we hit our stride, and we’re just about there now. When you look at the physicality of the NWA as opposed to other wrestling companies, that’s really going to be the difference maker. We’re pretty much the most physical company out there.

When you’re trying to attract new fans, mainstream fans, lapsed fans, and fans who at some point burn out on too much no selling, they’re going to come back around to the NWA and realize that there is validity there that is timeless. That’s what we’re going on and it’s starting to really click now.”

NWA’s next big show, Hard Times 3, takes place on November 12th exclusively on Pay-Per-View. It will be headlined by a three-way match for the Worlds Heavyweight Championship between champion Trevor Murdoch, Matt Cardona, and Tyrus.

h/t Fightful for the transcription