Bill DeMott Blames “Social Media & Political Correctness” For WWE Exit

Bill DeMott

Former NXT trainer and WWE star Bill DeMott has explained what really lay behind his departure from the company after lurid allegations were made against him.

DeMott left his role as Head Trainer in NXT in 2015 after allegations surfaced of homophobic and physical abuse towards some of those he was meant to be training.

Speaking to Steve Falls for WrestlingNewsCo, Bill DeMott explained that he believes the uproar on social media is what led to him leaving WWE after the company had already found that he’d apparently done nothing wrong:

“When I came back the last time when I took over FCW which became NXT, you already knew it had a shelf life before social media and all these things. You know, the funny thing to me about (the) allegations were when they came out the first time there was a full investigation. The company comes out and says we found none of this to be – you know, hold any water but social media was so on fire that they didn’t want the heat and I don’t blame them.

“NXT was just starting to tour the States before it became really big so we were on our first tour outside Florida and the truth is I made a promise to Triple H – I know what the business is, I’ve been through it, I’ve been through the goods and bads, the ups and downs and all that and I would never do anything to embarrass him or his company.

“So when everything came about you have two options, fight and add fuel to the fire because now you’re going to be spending all your time doing that which means you can’t do your job which means nobody’s focused on what they’re doing or you go you know what, I appreciate the time, I’m gonna step away and let everybody else keep moving on.

“[…] I’ve been gone now again another seven years and I still text messages ‘hey coach I’m doing this’ or ‘do you see that’ or ‘Hey Bill’ – so the ones that get it, get it and the ones that don’t complain and put it on someone else but in this time of social media and political correctness and all this stuff you have two options and my option was [to leave].”
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