Big Show’s Picks For The Strongest Wrestlers In WWE History

Big Show's Picks For The Strongest Wrestlers In WWE History

Former WWE Superstar Paul Wight, famously known as The Big Show, recently shared his insights on the strongest wrestlers in WWE history.

During an episode of WWE Network‘s Table for Three, Big Show revealed his top three picks: Mark Henry, John Cena, and Kane. Show commended these athletes for their exceptional strength and stability inside the ring. He highlighted their ability to lift and carry heavy weights, as well as their functional strength in holding and manoeuvring their opponents. Show’s personal experiences of being lifted by various wrestlers influenced his choices, emphasising the importance of stability during matches.

My tops are Mark Henry, John Cena, and Kane, not just because he’s sitting here. When I go by strength, it’s guys you work within the ring and their stability. There are a lot of strong guys, that can throw around a lot of weight, but they’re not functionally strong in holding you or carrying you. And I know from people picking me up in the past who had me.

Mark Henry, known as the World’s Strongest Man, has been a prominent figure in showcasing his immense power throughout his career. John Cena, a 16-time world champion, has consistently proven his strength and dominance in WWE. Kane, with his towering presence, has exemplified raw power and intensity in countless matches.

When Does The Big Show Paul Wight Think He Will Retire?

The Big Show Paul Wight stated that he thinks he will wrestle for another year and a half to two years before retiring. He stated that he still enjoys wrestling and wants to help put over the younger talent before hanging up his boots once and for all.

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