Big Name TNA Signing Could Be Ex-WWE Star

Dolph Ziggler Matt Riddle WWE

TNA is back as of January 2024 and the promotion known for a time as Impact Wrestling looks to be making big moves which could include an ex-WWE star.

TNA officially returns at Hard To Kill on January 13 and the promotion is making major moves to ensure its future is a bright one.

TNA has already announced a new action figure partnership and company President Scott D’Amore has poured fuel on the fire of speculation by promising one of the biggest signings in its history, but just who that person is remains unknown.

Could TNA Be About To Sign A Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave his thoughts on the signing and noted that the latest stars released by WWE’s non-compete clauses will expire on December 21 leaving them to sign elsewhere:

There’s a whole slew of guys that are on the 21st of this month, which is Thursday, become free agents. So they could debut as soon as Saturday for AEW, and they could debut when TNA has that big show on the 13th in Vegas. And there’s a long list of guys but the three big ones are Dolph Ziggler/ Nic Nemeth, Mustafa Ali, and Matt Riddle.

Riddle was an interesting one because there’s a very negative stigma around Riddle. I mean, it’s funny because when he was in WWE nobody said anything, and then as soon as he was out and the idea is you could go to AEW then it became like this big ‘oh my God,’ it’s like what a double standard that was.

With Impact, they would get some flack for him but nothing like AEW would get. I mean, they could survive that one no problem if that’s what they wanted. And he is a big name, a good wrestler and all that. Nemeth is probably the safer pick. Is that a game-changer? No, he’s a talented guy. But, you know, I mean, I would look at the lay of the land.

If AEW doesn’t want him and I don’t know that they do or they don’t. That would be the place to go. Though Impact has, from what I gather earmarked some money to where they can spend some money on a big free agent, whether they would or could outbid AEW, I mean, it’s doubtful they could, but you don’t know how much Tony [Khan] would be willing to spend on one of those names.

There are other names on the list, but I don’t think any of the other names are big enough to warrant what Scott said. And so those are the obvious choices, I don’t think there’s anyone whose WWE contract is coming due who hasn’t either re-signed.

It should also be noted that working plans for Mercedes Mone in AEW are said to be dead and she could potentially reunite with her former tag team partner and current Knockouts Champion Trinity in TNA.

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