Big E Reacts To The New Day’s NXT Tag Team Title Win

new day nxt tag team champions

It is indeed a new day because there are new NXT WWE Tag Team Champions and Big E is really happy about it.

When The New Day’s Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods showed up on the December 6th edition of NXT TV to challenge Pretty Deadly to an NXT Tag Team Title match, it came as a complete shock. As WWE fans of this era are quickly learning, it seems as though anybody can show on any brand at any time because that’s exactly what The New Day did.

At NXT Deadline, The New Day challenged Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson) for the NXT Tag Team Titles in a competitive match that could have gone either way. There was even a spot in the match where all four guys did the “fake title shot” spot to try to fool the referee, which led to all four of them laying on the mat.

The finish of the match saw Kingston prevent a double-team move by bringing Wilson outside the ring and hitting him with the Trouble in Paradise kick on the floor. That allowed New Day to isolate Prince, which led to the Midnight Hour (double foot stomp off the top/backbreaker combo) with Woods getting the pinfall win.

In 2015, The New Day won the WWE Tag Team Titles for the first time and have gone on to have 11 Tag Team Title reigns on the main roster along with this first NXT Tag Team Championship reign. Their legacy continues seven years after that first title win.

The New Day’s third group member Big E has been injured with a broken neck that he suffered on Smackdown this past March. The good news is that he’s expected to make a full recovery, but there’s no timeline for when he might return to action in 2023.

After watching his tag team partners Kingston and Woods, who have become like brothers to Big E, the former WWE Champion Big E commented on it with this tweet.

“What an absurdly talented pair of partners! I won the wrestling lottery when I got to team with these two. Massive congrats, my brothers! Love y’all to death.”