Big E “Almost Back To 100%”

big e wwe promo

Big E is close to returning to full fitness.

The former World Champion has been out of action for well over a year after suffering a broken neck. Although the injury didn’t require surgery, the star’s been advised by doctors to never wrestle again.

Speaking back in August, Big E said he felt incredible, but he’s yet to make a proper return to WWE television, meaning speculation about his future has continued.

However, it seems the New Day star is on the mend. During a new interview with the Toronto Sun, Kofi Kingston opened up about his friend’s recovery, revealing he’s almost back to 100% “feeling wise.”

“I’m so happy that he’s doing so well, physically and mentally, because I can only imagine what an injury like that, as severe as the one that he suffered to his neck, he fractured his C1 and his C6 in a couple of places and to not have surgery, there was no misalignment, he really is almost back to 100%, feeling-wise.

He’s able to live everyday life and he’s able to lift weights, which is a big part of his life, too,” Kingston said. “It could have been a lot worse. I’m just happy that he is able to live his life with a level of happiness and health.”

When Did Big E Last Wrestle?

Big E hasn’t wrestled since teaming with Kingston on the March 11th, 2022 episode of SmackDown against the Brawling Brutes. During the match, Ridge Holland gave Big E an overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex at ringside. However, instead of landing flat on his back, the star landed high up on his neck.

The match was quickly brought to a close and Big E was taken away on a stretcher.

Despite there being no issues between Big E and Holland, the British star received death threats on social media following the accident.