Bianca Belair Reacts To WWE Women’s Title Situation On Smackdown

Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair has reacted to the messy situation involving the WWE Women’s Title on the Smackdown brand.

When it comes to winning championships in WWE, Bianca Belair knows a lot about that. After all, she is a former Smackdown Women’s Champion and her recent Raw Women’s Champion reign lasted over 400 days.

At WWE Night of Champions two weeks ago, Asuka stole the Raw Women’s Title from Belair by putting the dreaded mist onto her hands, then raking Belair’s eyes with it and two kicks from Asuka put Belair away.

We found out on the June 9th edition of WWE Smackdown last night that the Raw Women’s Title is no more because Asuka was presented with a brand new WWE Women’s Championship. That championship presentation was interrupted by a returning Charlotte Flair, who was back after two months off. Flair demanded a title shot because she doesn’t wait in line and Asuka accepted. That title match is set for June 30th on Smackdown in London, England.

Meanwhile, before the title presentation took place, Bianca Belair was assured by WWE Official Adam Pearce that she would get a title rematch against Asuka to Asuka cheating to win.

After the title presentation, Belair inquired with Pearce again and he said he’ll figure something out.

On Twitter, Bianca Belair has commented on the messy situation with two tweets.

Been processing what went down last night. So let me get this straight. I did exactly what was asked of me. I agreed to let Asuka have her moment as long as I got my REMATCH JUST for Charlotte to come out, demand and get handed a REMATCH? Am I trippin or am I trippin?

Well apparently we have rematches for different titles… So… Problem solve @ScrapDaddyAP

Perhaps there will be a resolution to this situation as soon as next Friday’s Smackdown. For now, Bianca Belair may be as confused about the situation as some fans are with all the championship changes in WWE of late.