Bianca Belair Wants WNBA Star In The Royal Rumble

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Bianca Belair has extended an unlikely invitation.

Celebrity appearances in wrestling and WWE are nothing new, but in recent years, the likes of Bad Bunny and Logan Paul have taken things to a whole new level. Far from just being happy to be involved, both the Hip Hop megastar and Paul have excelled in the ring given their relative experience.

On June 24th, WWE announced a groundbreaking new deal with the Indiana Sports Corp to bring three huge events to Lucas Oil Stadium. The first of these events will be the 2025 Royal Rumble on February 1st.

Over the last year, the WNBA has exploded in popularity, with Indiana Fever’s Caitlin Clark one of the key figures leading the charge. So could a huge crossover be on the cards?

Bianca Belair Wants Caitlin Clark In The Royal Rumble

If your name is Bianca Belair the answer is a resounding yes. During a new interview with Matt Aguilar for ComicBook Nation, the star invited Clark to the Royal Rumble.

“It’s so funny because everybody’s already asking that (Clark being at one of the shows mentioned above). Even before the press conference, they’re bringing up Caitlin Clark. Listen, I love what’s happening with the WNBA. I love that women are getting more spotlight and more attention. I’ve always said, you know, we don’t need to do anything different. We just need the opportunities, we need the media coverage, and the WNBA is doing that.

I feel like WWE, we’ve done a lot of unprecedented things when it comes to women, whether it’s women main eventing WrestleManias, main eventing on a weekly basis at Raws, SmackDowns or PLEs. So, it would be really cool for the two worlds to combine and have an even bigger impact for women, so Caitlin Clark, if you’re watching, come on. Come in the Royal Rumble. You can be one of the 30 participants.

That’s what’s exciting about the Royal Rumble, right? You never know what’s gonna happen. It could be the past, the present, the future, or just someone that you don’t expect, so you might see Caitlin Clark, 2025 Royal Rumble right here in Indianapolis.”

Bianca Belair is looking to rebound after she and Jade Cargill lost the Women’s Tag Team Titles at Clash at the Castle.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co