Bianca Belair Reveals Advice From John Cena

John Cena

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair has reflected on the advice given to her by WWE icon John Cena following her shocking loss at SummerSlam 2021.

2021 should have been a banner year for The EST of WWE and it began with a bang as she won the women’s Royal Rumble match to guarantee herself a place in the main event of WrestleMania 37. It was there that Belair went one-on-one with Sasha Banks in a historic match and one Bianca Belair came out of as SmackDown Women’s Champion.

However, Bianca Belair was brought back down to earth with a bang at SummerSlam later in 2021 as she lost her championship to a returning Becky Lynch in only 26 seconds.

In an interview with Inside the Ropes, Bianca Belair detailed that time in her life and says that the SummerSlam loss came at the very last minute:

“Yeah, it was very last minute, very unpredictable. You know, but that’s how WWE is, you never know what’s gonna happen. But at the end of the day, it was very hard to process even after the match was over and having to figure out okay, where do I go from here? You know, you go main event WrestleMania, you’re champion and then you win an ESPY, you’re like you did everything right, but it didn’t work out.”

Belair then spoke about the advice she received at the event from John Cena who was on hand to compete in the night’s main event against Roman Reigns:

“John Cena was there at SummerSlam; we had an amazing conversation about, you know, perspective and, you know, mentally, your mindset, and where do you go from here and give me a whole lot of other examples of how like, this isn’t the end and so I’m always just so very grateful for John Cena and his words, his words of wisdom and the agenda he gave me that night.”

h/t Inside The Ropes