Bianca Belair Explains Why She Loves Making Her Own Ring Gear

bianca belair wrestlemania 38 gear

Bianca Belair is extremely talented in the WWE ring, but she’s also an impressive gear maker as well.

During her three-plus years on the WWE main roster, Bianca Belair has already done a lot to cement herself as one of the top women in the company.

The rise of Belair started when she won the 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble. That led to WrestleMania 37 when Belair beat Sasha Banks to become Smackdown Women’s Champion in the Night One main event that made history as the first-ever WrestleMania main event to feature two black women.

One year later at WrestleMania 38, Bianca Belair ended Becky Lynch’s long title reign to become the Raw Women’s Champion for the first time. Belair would go on to hold that title for an incredible 419 days, which included a WrestleMania 39 win over Asuka earlier this year.

When talking to UPROXX, Bianca Belair explained why she enjoyed making her own ring gear.

“Once I started getting word that I was going to start getting in the ring, I started reaching out to gear makers. I’m a very hands-on person and I’m a very creative person, and what I had in my mind, I couldn’t verbalize to the person. What they made was great, but it wasn’t what I wanted, and I just realized I’ve done this before. I did it with track, I did it with CrossFit.”

“It was very intimidating when it came to making stuff for wrestling because I never had done it before,” Belair says. “My husband bought me my first sewing machine when I was in NXT in 2016 and I just started watching a lot of YouTube videos. It was trial and error. I still have the first pair of pants that I’ve ever sewn — I actually didn’t wear them in the ring because they probably would have split open.”

Bianca Belair names WrestleMania 38 outfit as her favorite

When asked to choose one outfit as her favorite of them all, Belair picked what she wore at WrestleMania 38 when she beat Becky Lynch to become the Raw Women’s Champion.

“That was the first time that I really pushed myself to make something out of my normal pattern that I usually wear.”

“That one really intimidated me. I used a fan design for that, and I loved that collaboration because that fan, I think, was a teenager at the time that they made that design. I just really wanted to push them to continue with their skill because they’re so talented. It’s really hard to pick because I’m connected to all of them in a different way.”

Following an attack from Damage CTRL on Smackdown in August, Belair was taken out by an injury storyline. It’s a planned absence to give Belair a bit of a break after working a grueling schedule in WWE. Belair has said recently that she’ll be back on Smackdown soon without providing a specific timeline.