Bianca Belair Admits Being A “Little Jealous” Of A Current Champion In WWE

Bianca Belair Raw Womens Champion

Bianca Belair has had a lot of success in her WWE career, but she also admits she’s jealous of a certain superstar due to a past rivalry.

For the past 13 months, Bianca Belair has been the Raw Women’s Champion. It’s a title reign that is closing in on 400 days, which means she is closing in on the recognized 398-day record-setting title reign of Becky Lynch.

In six days at WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico on May 6th, Bianca Belair will defend that Raw Women’s Title against IYO SKY of the Damage CTRL. On May 8th, the new post-WWE Draft rosters will begin and Belair will be a Smackdown superstar just like Damage CTRL.

What that means for the Raw Women’s Title right now isn’t known because Smackdown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley will get drafted on Monday’s Raw. Could there be a title swap like we have seen in the past or does WWE go another route? We should find out more on Raw.

Bianca Belair was interviewed by DS of Ring the Belle prior to WrestleMania 39 and she spoke about the mixed tag team match that Ripley competed in at Elimination Chamber. In that match, Ripley and Finn Balor lost to Edge & Beth Phoenix.

“I wanted to hang out with Beth Phoenix. I mean, Rhea’s having a great year. She’s done a lot of amazing, great things. I’m just like, ‘I wanted that.’ Beth is amazing. She’s great. Whenever I came into WWE, my answer [for which legend I would want to face in a dream match was always] Beth Phoenix.

So I’m excited for Rhea. She’s doing amazing things, and I’m excited for her WrestleMania match, but I was a little jealous when she got to wrestle Beth Phoenix.”

While Belair has to have that big match with WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, it was a great WrestleMania 39 for Belair since he won her third straight WrestleMania match by beating Asuka to keep the Raw Women’s Title.