Bianca Belair Discusses What Jade Cargill Adds To WWE Women’s Division

Bianca Belair in the ring at SummerSlam 2023

In the opinion of Bianca Belair, Jade Cargill signing with WWE is a strong addition to “the best women’s roster in the world.”

As a WrestleMania main eventer who has been a Raw Women’s Champion and Smackdown Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair knows what it takes to be the best. Belair has only been on the WWE main roster for less than four years, yet she’s already well-established as a top women’s wrestler who will be featured heavily for many more years to come.

Recently, WWE signed former AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill to the roster, which has led to people wondering when Cargill will wrestle in WWE. In addition to that, many fans think of Cargill facing Belair as a dream match between two talented black athletes, who are known for their positive attitudes and for inspiring others.

In an interview with Wrestlerant, Bianca Belair spoke about Cargill joining WWE.

“I’d always get questions about facing Jade before she came to WWE, and I’d always say, ‘Everybody always wants what they can’t have.’ But now, it’s a possibility, so it’s very exciting. Everybody’s talking about Bianca Belair vs. Jade Cargill, and I think that would be a WrestleMania-caliber match, but also a tag team. I’m very excited for it.”

“I think it’s amazing she’s been able to make a name for herself and the hype she’s been able to build around herself before even having a match. I’m looking forward to her hitting the scene and riding the momentum and not letting up with that.

Bianca Belair would continue by talking about the women’s division in WWE being the best in the world and what adding Jade Cargill will mean.

“I’ve said before that I’m here to bring myself and my culture and representation to the table, and having Jade here will add more to it. We have the best women’s roster in the world, so adding Jade to it will only benefit us even more.”

Bianca Belair has her sights set on the WWE Women’s Title after making her return on Smackdown

After taking a few months off for a well-deserved break, Bianca Belair made her presence felt this past Friday on Smackdown.

IYO SKY had just defeated Charlotte Flair to retain the WWE Women’s Championship thanks in part to some chaos caused by SKY’s Damage CTRL teammates Bayley & Dakota Kai. Flair ended up hitting a Spear with her head hitting the championship that Sky was holding. The referee never saw it, so Sky covered for the pinfall win.

Following the match, Sky & Bayley attacked Flair a bit, so Bianca Belair made her return to television by saving Flair from the attack.

It looks like Belair has her eyes set on the WWE Women’s Championship, which makes sense Damage CTRL has attacked her several times in the past and Sky took the title from her with a Money in the Bank cash-in.

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