Bianca Belair Wants Current Star In WWE Hall Of Fame

Bianca Belair WWE Hall of Fame

For the longest time, the WWE Hall of Fame was reserved for those whose career has ended but Bianca Belair wants to see a current star inducted.

Rey Mysterio was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2023 while still an active member of the roster. One night after his induction, Mysterio won a hugely anticipated match at WrestleMania 39 as he defeated his son Dominik.

Mysterio is not the first WWE Hall of Famer to compete in the ring after their induction but his honour could pave the way for long-tenured and deserving stars still actively wrestling to be inducted as a matter of course.

Bianca Belair Wants Natalya In WWE Hall Of Fame

Speaking to Triblive’s Justin LaBar, Bianca Belair has named a worthy recipient should WWE decide to repeat that train of thought and says she wants to see Natalya inducted:

I can’t wait for one of the women to do it, like Nattie. If you look at Nattie’s resume and what she’s done, and how long she’s been here. I would love to see her one day be inducted to the Hall of Fame, but still be able to go in and have a match of WrestleMania, like Rey Mysterio. I just love when they can be inducted into the Hall of Fame but they’re still backstage with us.

She keeps going and if you look at what she’s accomplished, and how she’s still here, and she can still accomplish more and like she’s in the Guinness Book of World Records, the amount of matches she’s had, who she’s the people that she’s been in the ring with. I mean, I think that she’s not a legend in the making, she’s already a legend, and she’s still going.

Bianca Belair has threatened a change in direction in WWE as she has not forgotten her own battles with Bayley over the years as Bayley now has to face a four-on-one situation as she challenges IYO SKY for the WWE Women’s Title at WrestleMania 40.

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