Best Friends, Rocky Romero & Danhausen Pick Up Victory At AEW Full Gear: Zero Hour


It was revealed to be Danhausen who was the mysterious partner for Orange Cassidy and The Best Friends.

All Elite Wrestling kicked off their AEW Full Gear Zero Hour with a 10-man tag team match between the Best Friends, Rocky Romero and Danhausen taking on The Factory. Getting the victory for the former would be Danhausen, single-handedly landing the win for this team.

Here is how the match went down, courtesy of Fightful Select:

Rocky Romero, Orange Cassidy, Trent Barretta, Chuck Taylor & Danhausen vs. The Factory (QT Marshall, Lee Johnson, Cole Karter, Nick Comorrotto & Aaron Solo).

Solo & Taylor began the match, with Solo punching Taylor in the face. Taylor got the Peruvian Neck Tie on Solo before Solo got a rope break. Trent & Taylor hit a double-shoulder tackle on Solo before Trent hit three chops on Solo. Johnson tagged in, but Trent placed him on the top rope before Romero hit a leaping knee strike on Johnson.

Romero and Trent hit a double hip toss on Karter before Romero hit the Forever Clotheslines and an uppercut on Johnson. Taylor, Trent, Cassidy & Romero bounced around Marshall with punches before Marshal collapsed to the mat. The Factory stomped BEst Friends before they hugged in the middle of the ring.

Commorotto and Johnson double-teamed Trent before Commorotto launched Trent out of the ring with a wicked Irish Whip. Commorotto hit a Gorilla Press Slam on Trent before Karter went for a Splash, but Trent lifted his knees to block the move. Marshall tagged in, but Trent hit a Saito suplex before Trent tagged in Cassidy for the hot tag.

Commorotto tagged in, but Cassidy greeted him by putting his hands on his pockets and hitting a shotgun dropkick on Commorotto. Cassidy tossed Karter with his legs before hitting a double-frankensteiner on Johnson & Solo. Cassidy slammed Marshall’s face to the ring post before hitting a top rope crossbody. Cassidy went for a Tornado DDT on Marshall, but Marshall reversed it with a pop-up punch.

Commorotto & Solo hit a back-breaker/ knee drop combo on Cassidy for a near fall. Trent & Taylor hit Soul Food on Karter, but Commorotto hit a double lariat on them. Cassidy hit a Running PK on Johnson before hitting a Tornado DDT on Johnson. Karter took down Cassidy and went for a Tope Con Giro, but instead hit the move on his partners before Romero, Taylor & Trent hit a triple Tope Suicida on Solo, Commorotto & Karter.

QT hit a Cutter on Cassidy before attempting a Piledriver on Cassidy onto the stairs, but Danhausen finally joined the match with blood marked on his face. Danhausen tagged in and hit a springboard German Suplex on Marshall, a Northern Lights on Karter, a lariat on Solo, and a rebound German Suplex on Johnson.

Danhausen slammed Commorotto into the ring post before Danhausen placed teeth on Commorotto’s mouth before laying him out with a big boot for the pinfall win. Danhausen spiked QT Marshall with a giant nail in the head before Romero, Cassidy, Taylor & Trent hesitantly hugged Danhausen in the ring.

Winners: Rocky Romero, Orange Cassidy, Trent Barretta, Chuck Taylor & Danhausen