Becky Lynch Says WWE Hall Of Famer Inspired Her To Be A Wrestler

Becky Lynch NXT Women's Champion

Becky Lynch has credited a Hall of Famer for inspiring her career choice of being a professional wrestler.

During her legendary WWE career that has lasted for about a decade at this point, Becky Lynch has a lot to be proud of as the first woman to win a WrestleMania main event, a six-time Women’s Champion on the main roster and the current NXT Women’s Champion.

As we know in pro wrestling, everybody has a unique story about how they got started in the business. Some women are inspired by other women, but in Lynch’s case, it was WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley that led to her wanting to be a wrestler.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet on YouTube, Lynch spoke about why Mick Foley meant so much her while also crediting WWE Hall of Famer Lita as an inspiration as well.

“Mick Foley told me a story, man, his promos. Yeah, so like I remember being a fan when I was a kid you know, Hulkamania, Warrior all that kind of jazz, dressing up in my mom’s clothes and wrestling with my brother on her bed. But I fell out of watching it I think mostly because my brother fell out of watching and then he started watching again in the Attitude Era. And I’d come along when he was watching it.”

“And I was one of those. I was the worst. I was like, ‘oh, no, you know, that’s so fake, that for babies.’ ‘And [he said] no, no, just it’s gotten really good.’ ‘Yeah, sure, whatever.’ But then Mick would come on and would be like the way he talked you know, and the stories he would tell and this underdog that he was in this unlikely superstar that he was.”

“I was a bit of a misfit as a kid, very much a misfit. And I could see myself in him like there was just that relationship that rapport of like, ‘No, you’re not the picture-perfect superstar.’ And so he became my hero. You know, I really wanted him to win and then he had that match with Triple H where he was going to retire if he lost and I remember staying up late watching him lose and me just being in floods of tears.”

“And of course, he came back like four weeks later, whatever. But, that was really what hooked me and then I was there to stay you know? And then I saw Lita and she was so cool when I wanted to be like her and then everybody else. I mean it was just such a hot time in the business. But I just fell in love with it.”

That Mick Foley match that Lynch was referring to was No Way Out 2000 when Triple H beat Cactus Jack in a Hell in a Cell match to “retire” Foley, who did wrestle at WrestleMania one month later, but then he was mostly retired after that.

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Becky Lynch defending the NXT Women’s Title at No Mercy

Tonight in Bakersfield, California, Becky Lynch will be defending the NXT Women’s Title at No Mercy against the former champion Tiffany Stratton in an Extreme Rules Match.

Due to Lynch’s status in WWE as a main event performer, it’s certainly possible that this match could be the main event of the show. The other candidate would be the NXT Title match between champion Carmelo Hayes and challenger Ilja Dragunov. Their title match at the Great American Bash two months ago headlined that event, but Lynch wasn’t on that card.

We will have a full review of NXT No Mercy on TJRWrestling later tonight.

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