Becky Lynch Reveals Recent Trip To The ER

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch had to be rushed to the hospital recently to deal with a sudden issue that was causing her problems.

Becky Lynch has had her fair share of medical and health-related issues over the past five years. From suffering a broken nose and concussion at the hands of Nia Jax back in 2018, to a fifteen-month absence in 2020-2021, Lynch is no stronger to hospitals and being treated for one medial matter or another.

Such was the case earlier this month when, according to an interview with USA Today, Lynch had to go from the airport to the emergency room to deal with a cyst.

“When I landed from London, I had to go to the ER and had to get a cyst removed. Then had to get that redone on Friday, but was in the ring, fine, ready to go by Monday”.

Additionally, Becky Lynch also noted that she’s looking ahead to SummerSlam and is keen on getting her hands on Trish Stratus once again, especially since the Canadian WWE Hall of Famer has been bothering her for months now.

She also hopes that Stratus’ new ally Zoey Stark will be present at SummerSlam as well so that “she [Lynch] can give her [Stark] a pummeling].