Becky Lynch Set For First Time Match On Day 1 WWE Raw

Becky Lynch WWE

Becky Lynch has been at the top of WWE’s women’s division for years now but one other star thinks she’s to thank for Lynch’s success.

Becky Lynch shot to massive popularity in late 2018 as The Man came to town in WWE. Many people point to the SmackDown invasion of Raw in the lead-up to Survivor Series that year as the catalyst for fans to fully get behind Lynch with the iconic image of her standing in the crowd covered in blood living long in the memory.

That blood was put there by Nia Jax who caught Lynch with a live round in the melee, busting her nose open. Despite that, Jax and Lynch have never got the chance to meet one-on-one but that is about to change.

Nia Jax vs. Becky Lynch Set For WWE Day 1

Nia Jax came to the ring on Raw in Des Moines, Iowa with something to say but before she could get a word out, she was interrupted by Becky Lynch. Jax dismissed Lynch, telling her that she had bigger fish to fry as she was entering the women’s Royal Rumble but The Man would not be put off confronting her.

Jax claimed the two women had never faced one-on-one as the fans and WWE itself was scared of what Jax might do to her. That was enough for Becky Lynch who called for a referee to come to the ring but Nia Jax said if she wanted a match she’d have to wait for Day 1 Raw in Jax’s hometown of San Diego, California.

Jax walked away but was jumped by Lynch as a throng of officials attempted to separate the two stars but Lynch got clocked with another big punch.

Elsewhere on the show, new WWE champions were crowned on Raw as two stars picked up the first titles on the main roster.