Bayley Reacts To WWE Introducing New Women’s Titles

bayley smackdown womens title

Bayley has given her thoughts on WWE replacing the Raw & Smackdown Women’s Titles with new championships.

Over the last week, WWE has said goodbye to the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Titles. On WWE Smackdown last Friday, Asuka was given a brand new WWE Women’s Title to replace the Raw Women’s Title she was holding.

This past Monday on Raw, Rhea Ripley was given a brand new championship as well called the Women’s World Title.

By changing the names of the titles, it allows WWE to move wrestlers from Raw to Smackdown or vice versa without having to do a belt swap, which a lot of fans didn’t like in the past.

During her WWE main roster career, Bayley knows plenty about championships because she’s a former two-time Smackdown Women’s Champion, a one-time Raw Women’s Champion and two reigns as a Women’s Tag Team Team Champion. Her 379-day reign as the Smackdown Women’s Champion is by far the longest of any champion holding that title. The combined number of 519 days as Smackdown Women’s Champion means that Bayley held the title longer than any woman in WWE history in the seven years that the title existed.

While appearing on WWE’s The Bump, Bayley spoke about what the new Women’s Titles mean to her.

“I mean, they’re beautiful for one. I think it’s sad to see the other ones go, but it’s definitely time for a change because the locker room has changed so much, the roster has changed and grown so much. It’s kind of nice to see a brand-new slate, so to speak, just a brand-new look. It’s kind of reminded me of when they got rid of the Divas Title and we were presented with the brand-new Raw Women’s Title, and Lita unveiled it at WrestleMania.”

“So it was kind of a cool moment to experience that, but now it lights a fire in me. I’ve done pretty much everything, so it lights a fire in me to want to see myself raising that title or to see IYO [SKY] raising either one of those titles.”

Bayley will be part of the WWE Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match on July 1st along with IYO SKY, Zelina Vega, Becky Lynch, Zoey Stark, Zelina Vega and at least one more woman in the match. Bayley is a former MITB winner that has cashed in to become a champion before, so she will try to do it again.

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