Bayley Shares Her Initial Reaction To WWE WrestleMania 40 Victory

Bayley WWE Womens Champion

Bayley has opened up about feeling negative following her WrestleMania 40 victory over IYO SKY.

The 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble winner defeated her former Damage CTRL teammate to lift the WWE Women’s Championship for a second time following a hard fought bout on Night 2 of WWE’s top Premium Live Event, held at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field.

Despite the joy of the 60,203 in attendance on 7th April, Bayley herself was disappointed in her own performance during the bout.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Inside The Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh, Bayley revealed that an error during the match being replayed on the big screen dented her belief in the quality of the contest:

“No [I didn’t think it well]. I’ve said this a couple of times, and fans seem to be very surprised, I actually talked to Lyra Valkyria about this. For some reason, I think this kind of messed me up, when I looked up after they were showing replays, I looked up on the Tron and something I did looked terrible.

I was like that match sucked, I just had that, we’re very hard on ourselves as performers. That was just one of those moments I wish I did not see that part on the Tron. But I felt not the best after the match.”

Bayley Lifts Lid On CM Punk Support

Bayley’s initial reaction of disappointment was soon lifted, however, following the analysis of long-term friend CM Punk.

The San Jose native revealed that Punk’s positive review of the bout backstage restored her belief that fans had witnessed a great bout:

“Then when I got to the back, the first person I saw, we go in the little tunnel because we can’t go back up the ramp. CM Punk met us halfway through. So he came out of Gorilla walked all the way through the tunnel and he was like ‘That was amazing. Did you hear that crowd? Oh my god, I loved it! I loved this. I loved that…’

And I’m like, really? So the fact that he came and found me to tell me that just kind of gave me the confidence. I haven’t watched it back yet, though.”

H/T: Inside The Ropes for the above transcription.