Bayley Picks Shock WWE WrestleMania Match

Bayley pointing WWE

Bayley ensured she’d have her first WrestleMania singles title match when she won the women’s Royal Rumble for the very first time.

Bayley won the Royal Rumble and in the process broke the record for the longest time spent in a women’s Rumble match. The star had assured her Damage CTRL teammates that if she won she’d be challenging Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Championship ensuring the group had all the gold.

IYO SKY has held the WWE Women’s Championship since cashing in her Money In The Bank back at SummerSlam against Bianca Belair. In addition, Asuka and Kairi Sane picked up the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship one night before the Rumble meaning that Bayley could complete the set for the group. But it turns out she’s known more than anyone thought all along.

Bayley Turns The Tables On Damage CTRL

Tensions appear to have been rumbling in Damage CTRL since Kairi Sane returned to WWE and joined the group at Crown Jewel in November 2023. Asuka soon followed and while these two huge acquisitions should have been good news, it seemed Bayley was on the outs of the faction she created.

On SmackDown in Birmingham, Alabama, Damage CTRL came to the ring where Bayley was set to reveal her choice of title match for WrestleMania 40 which should have been a formality but The Role Model had a trick up her sleeve.

Bayley confronted Asuka, Sane, and SKY, dropping in some Japanese that she says she picked up from all the times the trio had talked about her behind her back.

Bayley was then attacked by the group but was able to run them off after retrieving a pipe from under the ring. She then told IYO SKY that she’d see her at WrestleMania making the title match official.