Bayley In Leg Brace Following Injury [PHOTO]

Bayley in ThunderDome

Bayley shared a photo of herself in a leg brace following reports of her being injured at a WWE Live Event.

On July 16th, Bayley competed in a triple threat match against Charlotte Flair and Asuka for the WWE Women’s Championship in Salisbury, Maryland.

A mis-timed spot in the match saw Asuka collide with Bayley’s leg, and the Role Model clutched her right knee as she fell to the mat. Referee Jessika Carr immediately checked on the star, as did Charlotte Flair. Carr threw up the X sign and the match was stopped briefly to allow the injury to be evaluated. In the end, Asuka pinned Flair to retain her championship.

Shortly after the bout, the Damage CTRL leader took to social media to calm fans’ fears about her injury status, saying that she was going to be fine as she showed her knee being iced backstage.

A report from Fightful Select the next day indicated that WWE doctors were waiting for more information before making an official announcement about the star’s status.

Bayley Shared A Photo On Instagram After Arriving Home From WWE Tour

Little more information has come to light, but a photo posted to Bayley’s Instagram stories shows the star in a leg brace after arriving home from her travels. In the photo, Bayley can be seen holding one of her cats while the other is in the background amidst a sea of shredded paper towel. The caption reads “They missed me,” indicating the cats got into mischief while she was away. The brace covers the lower portion of her right leg, and the photo can be seen below.