Bayley Recalls Great Advice From WWE Hall Of Famer

Bayley WWE

Bayley has lifted the lid on crucial advice received from one of the top WWE Superstars of all-time.

Victory in the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble on 27th January saw Bayley punch her ticket to a title match of her choosing at WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia this April which could see a potential bout with fellow Damage CTRL member IYO SKY, the current holder of the WWE Women’s Championship.

During a recent appearance on Under The Ring‘, the former Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion revealed that the legendary ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin had offered her career altering advice during the early years of her WWE tenure:

“He called me and we talked for like an hour and that was literally like the same night that I messaged him, and he told me all these things, basically about being more aggressive.

‘It’s okay to be the good guy and get people behind you, but when you’re in the ring you really want to turn that aggressiveness in on your opponent, and gauge in and focus on them more so than the fans at certain points in the match.”

Bayley Credits Extended NXT Run For Leadership Skills

During the interview, the leader of Damage CTRL credited her delayed call up from NXT to the main roster for her own faction-leading skills.

Bayley’s NXT contemporaries, the likes of Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, had already arrived on the WWE’s flagship programming long before the California native got the opportunity.

The former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, however, believes that her extended time on the yellow brand proved beneficial:

“I really learned how to be a leader then. It was awesome. I don’t think without that year I’d be able to be who I am today to the full level like starting a faction or being able to help these girls come to Raw and SmackDown for the first time.

Just having the experience that I had in NXT, I felt confident to help them and guide them in the right direction whether it’s behind the scenes or in the ring.”

H/T: WrestlingInc for the above transcription