Baron Corbin Traded To WWE Raw, Joined By JBL

Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin is officially back.

Weeks ago, the wrestler formerly known as Happy Corbin, after a string of defeats, would exit a WWE Smackdown show and be confronted by JBL in his limo outside of the arena. Corbin would leave with JBL, not being seen since then.

However, that all changed on Monday Night Raw, when JBL came out to the ring to talk to the audience before ultimately disrespecting Oklahoma City, the town that Raw was in. After interacting with the crowd, JBL did then made what he considered to be a huge announcement, which eventually led to the return of Baron Corbin gimmick with a JBL-twist.

After Corbin made his return, JBL then sat down with the commentary team, and Corbin squared off against Dolph Ziggler for his first match since his gimmick change. Getting the win, Corbin would start out the new change on a positive note.

With the appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw, Corbin has been traded to the red brand from the Friday night blue brand of Smackdown for Rey Mysterio, which is just one move of a recent set that the months old Triple H regime has made with the company’s main roster.