Baron Corbin Says He Could Be The Guy To Go Against Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns

Baron Corbin doesn’t think a match against Roman Reigns is out of the question.

After missing out on a spot on the WrestleMania 39 card, Baron Corbin has undergone something of a reinvention. Following the draft, Corbin moved back to NXT and immediately began a feud with Carmelo Hayes before taking on the likes of Bron Breakker, Gable Steveson, and more recently Ilja Dragunov.

As his time in NXT has progressed, the cheers for the star have gotten louder and louder, despite essentially being a career heel.

Appearing on Notsam Wrestling, Corbin discussed his recent NXT run, and compared himself to The Miz, as someone fans seem to want to see succeed.

“That’s my motivation now. I want that. I want that spot. I think people want that from me. It’s the weirdest time in my career when my social media is not all people just hammering me. Especially running at the PLE with Bron, I was getting cheered. Same thing with Gable [Steveson], massive cheers. The standing ovation in France is something I’ll never forget in my entire life.

I think people want to see that success for me as well. Same as Miz, like Miz has paid these dues forever. But then you look at his resume, and he’s a two-time Grand Slam Champion. I’m going, nope, buddy, it’s my turn [laughs]. You’ve got enough,”

Corbin added that if fans continue to get behind him, he could end up facing Roman Reigns — and hopefully put to bed memories of their dog food-based storyline on SmackDown in 2019.

“Your boy was getting cheered [laughs]. Such a weird world we live in right now where Baron Corbin gets cheered. [Inaudible] love it right now. Just because it’s going against what’s supposed to be happening. Sometimes, I want that anarchy, that mayhem, that madness.

You know what, if people start loving what I do and really get behind it, I could be the guy to go against Roman Reigns because he needs a guy like that. It’d be a fun switch. The last time I worked with Roman, I was pouring dog food on him. Not a fun time for him. I also almost vomited with the dog food. But it would be a flip.

He’s killing it right now, but if people get behind me, it would almost feel, and here’s why I like it, it’s fresh. It feels new. When they’re behind me, it’s like, dude, it’s not the same person you saw. When we were doing the Bum Ass Corbin, Sad Corbin, they were starting to turn and feel bad for me. But now it’s like they’re excited for me,”

Roman Reigns Heading For Match With Former Champion

Baron Corbin will seemingly have to wait for his shot at Roman Reigns as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion prepares to return to SmackDown.

It seems that Roman Reigns is heading for a match with Randy Orton, likely at the Royal Rumble.

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