Backstage Reaction To Gable Steveson’s WWE Release Revealed

Gable Steveson

There was reportedly little shock around Gable Steveson’s WWE exit.

After a glittering amateur wrestling career that saw him dominate at the collegiate level and win Olympic gold, Gable Steveson signed with WWE in September 2021.

The hype around the star’s signing was off the charts as many fans and observers wondered whether the company had just signed the “Next Kurt Angle.” After all, Steveson was just the second gold medal winner to be signed by the company following in the footsteps of the Hall of Famer.

Just weeks after signing, Steveson was drafted to Raw, moving expectations even higher, but things didn’t pan out as hoped. Health issues delayed the star’s training and he continued to compete as an amateur despite being signed to WWE. Gable Steveson wouldn’t wrestle his first televised match until July 2023, and the bout against Baron Corbin was viewed negatively by fans and ended in a double-countout.

Steveson didn’t wrestle on television again, competing in 16 dark matches before being released on May 3rd, 2024.

Gable Steveson Didn’t Make Enough Progress

According to a new report from Fightful Select, people within NXT weren’t surprised to see WWE let Steveson go. One talent pointed at the contrast between the success and progress of Steveson’s brother Damon Kemp and the star.

Those Fightful spoke to said they felt Steveson’s release was down to a lack of progress rather than his previous legal issues.

Steveson was arrested on suspicion of criminal sexual misconduct in 2019 but didn’t face criminal charges due to a lack of adequate evidence.

A different report said Gable Steveson wasn’t doing enough to justify his big-money WWE contract, so the company decided to cut its losses.