Backstage News On WWE’s Latest “All Hands On Deck” Meeting

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At a time of continued uncertainty in WWE due to the impending takeover by Endeavor, a new report has shed light on the latest “all hands on deck” meeting with staff.

On the day after WrestleMania 39, the wrestling world changed forever when it was announced that WWE was to be acquired by Endeavor and merged into a new company with UFC. The new parent company of both combat sports promotions will have Vince McMahon as Executive Chairman with that company being given its new name recently.

While the takeover has not yet been finalized, it remains to be seen what WWE will look like both in front of the camera and behind the scenes when it is in new hands.

PWInsider has now reported that the meeting with WWE employees was led by company CEO Nick Khan. It was described as a “morale-boosting meeting” with emphasis on how well things are going and how much the hard work of the staff is appreciated.

There were no comments made about apparent impending cuts that are expected once the takeover by Endeavor is completed and there were no other big announcements. Khan has previously gone on record to say that he expects “aggressive” cuts to be made in the same way Endeavor slashed UFC’s staff numbers when they acquired that promotion.