Backstage News On The Rock’s Censored Promo

wwe smackdown the rock austin theory

The Rock caused a stir when he returned to WWE television on SmackDown.

Finally, The Rock came back to WWE television on SmackDown in Denver, Colorado, receiving a huge reception from the crowd as he joined Pat McAfee in a surprise appearance on the show. McAfee had been reminiscing with his WrestleMania 38 opponent Austin Theory before The Rock came to the ring to put Theory firmly in his place.

At one point, The Rock directed the crowd in a chant towards Theory where everyone came together to call Theory an “a**hole.” While those in Denver gleefully took part, those watching at home could be forgiven for thinking something was amiss as the chants were heavily censored.

The Rock won’t win by messing with the FCC

Fightful Select has since offered a bit more insight into The Rock’s promo on SmackDown and noted that it was not listed on internal rundowns of the show.

As far as the censorship was concerned of the promo itself, that came down to potential FCC violations rather than anything to do with the show’s TV-PG rating. Foul language cannot actually be prevented by anything to do with a TV-PG rating as it is not enforced in the same way restrictions affect movies or video games.

The People’s Champ’s return has proved to be a great success for WWE who have revelled in the fact that his return has been watched well over 100 million times across social media.