Axel Tischer Reveals Triple H Saved Him From Initial Release

Triple H on the mic

Axel Tischer – formerly known as Alexander Wolfe in WWE – has explained how Triple H saved him and his fellow Sanity members from being released after the group split up.

While part of NXT, Sanity found success when Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe – now using his real name, Axel Tischer – capture the Tag Team Championships from Authors of Pain in August 2017. They reigned for four months before they lost the titles to Undisputed Era that December.

In 2018, Sanity was called up to the main roster, however, they were unable to achieve the same popularity there that they did in NXT and the faction was disbanded in April 2019.

In a recent appearance on the ‘Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling’ podcast, Axel Tischer said it was Triple H who saved the group from being released immediately after they disbanded on the main roster, saying that The King of Kings wanted to give them all something else to do.

“They split us up because Triple H, he kind of like saved us. He thought before we sit there in catering and turn too sour and lose our entire passion for that [wrestling], he wanted to split us up and give us something else to do. He figured that they wouldn’t need us anymore… You sit in catering and do not do anything, you get fired.”

Tischer went on to say that he had high hopes following the move to the main roster, however he believes that, in reality, it was only a matter of time before they were disbanded.

“We got [called] up with high hopes. Because of course you get told, ‘Yeah, they have big plans for you, they are super high on you guys. Blah, blah, blah.’ But sometimes it’s all a matter of time.”

Following the breakup of Sanity, the former Alexander Wolfe moved to the NXT UK roster where he performed until his release from WWE in 2021.

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the above transcription.