Ava Raine Claims The Rock’s Opinion Is “Irrelevant”

The Rock Ava Raine

NXT star Ava Raine has branded her father, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s, opinion as “irrelevant” as she announced herself onto the developmental brand.

On NXT television on Tuesday, 25th of October, Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reid came to the ring with a masked woman who was to be unveiled as the newest member of The Schism. This marked the arrival on WWE television of Ava Raine, making her the first fourth-generation star to appear on the brand.

The 1st of November edition of NXT saw The Schism sit down for an interview where Ava Raine took issue with assertions that she had been brainwashed into joining Gacy’s group. As a result, Joe Gacy will take on the man who made those claims, Cameron Grimes, in a match on the 8th of November.

As well as not taking heed of Cameron Grimes’ thoughts, Ava Raine has taken exception to a question posed by WWE on BT Sport who asked what her father, WWE icon The Rock would make of her joining The Schism. Raine’s response was as concise as it was scathing:


It seems Raine has no interest in taking career advice from her father and is looking to make waves in WWE in her own way, which for now is The Schism’s way.