Authorities Close Velveteen Dream Assault Case

Velveteen Dream pointing a baseball bat

The assault case brought against former NXT star Velveteen Dream has now been closed by authorities according to a new report.

Patrick Clark, the controversial ex-WWE Superstar known by his Velveteen Dream moniker, has been busy in recent weeks, being arrested on a number of occasions for a series of incidents. One of these saw him involved in a verbal and subsequently physical altercation with a gym employee.

As reported by TMZ, the incident occurred on 20 August at Club Orlando, where a senior employee had reportedly asked the one-time NXT North American Champion to leave an area of the facility that was “closed for cleaning”. The verbal abuse continued from Dream’s side, with threats allegedly being made that he would “kill” the unnamed employee.

When things got physical, The Velveteen Dream is said to have punched and bit the man. Documents from the incident noted teeth marks on the employee’s “left chest”; the real-life Clark was taken into custody on account of battery and trespassing after receiving a warning.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider has now reported that authorities have closed the case against Patrick Clark. Court records show that there was a belief that the case would not result in a conviction and therefore was classed as “not suitable for prosecution.” A further hearing scheduled for September 28th has also been cancelled.